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Press Release – Incuvation Labs


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Incuvation Games LLC

In Response to  Jeff Grubb at GamesBeat   


ARTESIA, CALIFORNIA DEC 4, 2017 —  It has come to our attention that Incuvation Games LLC has been mentioned several times in the controversies regarding the National Committee for Games Policy. Specifically , it was mentioned in two articles :




Incuvation Games LLC would like to clarify that it was founded in June 2016. It has acquired Nemexia from XS-Software (Bulgaria) around the same time. Incuvation Games LLC is the owner of Nemexia and its franchise.


In addition, we would like to clarify that Kenneth Tran helped establish Incuvation Games by bringing Nemexia. He did, however, left the company in July-August 2016 to seek more fruitful opportunities.


We would like to stress out that the current owners of Incuvation Games, the current interns and employees have no relationship with the National Committee for Games Policy. However, we would like to wish the Committee best of luck.


About Incuvation Games LLC

Incuvation Games is an independent video games and technology company. It has been in business since June 2016, as a part of a startup Incubator: Incuvation Labs. It mainly focuses on publishing multiplayer browser games and mobile Apps.



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