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Incuvation Games begins working with Brutal Nature.

Incuvation Games has reached an exclusive publishing deal with the creator of Brutal Nature ( an independently developed video game. Brutal Nature is a 3D multiplayer online survival game, which some call “MineCraft for Adults”. With over 900 crafting recipes, 100 weapons, fully destructible environments, unique grappling hook, a custom survival system, and many more features, Brutal Nature is no run of the mill indie game.

Brutal Nature is currently in open beta and will be available on Steam at its release. Brutal Nature has been streamed and played by internet personalities PewDiePie (Youtube’s #1 Streamer) and LowTax ( It currently holds an 8.0/10 rating on IndieDB, the independent games database.



Browser Games

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NEMEXIA is a browser-based, massive multi-player online space strategy game. Each player can choose from one of three races and develop his powerful space empire. With the assistance of his friends he can conquer the Universe by constructing the Supreme Starway Gate (SSG). Nemexia was launched few years ago and the new owner, Incuvation Games LLC is currently developing an App for the Game.




Plot : Many years ago the humans discovered space travel and decided to explore the galaxy. A small group calling themselves “The Confederation” discovered an ancient planet with unlimited resources which helped them develop their technical potential. It took them some time but finally they’ve managed to create an AI so profound that it develop free will. They’ve called these creatures “Terteths”. With time passing these robots were assisting the Confederation in everything. Realizing their own potential the Terteths formed a Union and separate themselves from the Confederation. Few of them stayed as assistants to their masters but the others were curious about the rest of the universe, just like their creators. In their distant journeys the Terteths discovered another intelligent race at the far end of their Galaxy, Insect-like creatures they called “Noxis”. Blinded by their eagerness for knowledge the Terteths and the Confederation didn’t notice that the Noxis had started to evolve. Like many other creatures the Noxis were parasites, linking with unsuspected source they would drain information and eventually overtake their host. War has started. The three races were in constant conflict. The end wasn’t near and some outcasts, less hostile communities separated from their people. They formed alliances and combined their knowledge in a final effort to escape. You can help the outcasts in their quest.


Game play

Nemexia is a round-based game, which means that after the Game Goal is reached all players start from scratch and compete for glory once again.During each round you can colonize up to 6 planets and spread your space empire over several galaxies. Each planet can be developed individually as supporting, mining or war one. Even if it’s lost in battle you can colonize a new planet and choose your strategy once again.


Races and Units

Nemexia have three different races:

1- Humans (Confederation), 2- Robots (Terteths Union) and 3- Insects/Living creatures (Noxis). Each race has its specific type of units with unique skills. The diversity of ships and defense units allows you to choose from several different battle strategies. There are 7 types of warships, 5 civilian and one service ship. There are also 7 types of defense units which can be used to defend your planets if your ships are on a mission. Even if you are not a fan of the war units you can choose to construct one or two planet shields which could defend your planets from some of the weaker ships and prevent raids.

There are 22 different sciences that are in greater assistance to the player in certain moments of his development. Because of the great distances between the different planets the player can increase his ship’s speed up to 750% which makes it faster reaching the desired location. There are sciences that can increase resource and energy income, provide additional attack or health to the players’ units or unlock hidden secrets and plans for developing the master units.
Alliances and Team Planets

Each player can join existing or create his own alliance and with the assistance of eight of his friends from the other races he can create a powerful Team Planet. From these Team planets all alliance members can launch an attack toward a Sun and try to obtain a Crystal. By collecting all 10 crystals players unlock a unique building which allows them to compete for the Game Goal.



Planet 14

Nemexia 6.0 – Corporations (TBD)

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Mobile Games

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Incuvation Games LLC is currently working on an App for Nemexia.



In addition, Incuvation Games is closely knit to Multiverse Games Inc.

Multiverse Games

Multiverse Games is the developer and publisher of the Trivia Universe Series.  Their goal is very simple. To make the delivery of education… fun

Here are some of their games ,


Downhill Cystic Fibrosis Mobile Game

LEARN while having Fun about cystic fibrosis. 25% of profits will be given to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in order to better understand and treat the disease.  Play and Make a Difference.

Game rules @


Cystic Fibrosis Downhill – Android Apps on Google Play

 Cystic Fibrosis Downhill- screenshot thumbnail


Learn Even More about Cystic Fibrosis with our Rabbit Hero on Google Play Store

 Cystic Fibrosis Rabbit Hero- screenshot thumbnail



Looking for an alternative trivia app? Try Trivia Universe’s latest trivia game for android… Quiz Hero!

Evil monsters are stealing all the books from the library. It’s up to you, Quiz Hero.. the mightiest quiz master, to recover the lost knowledge. Fly through the skies, save the city, have fun, and learn while playing. Of note, history and literature questions are about Anglo-Saxon cutlure.

Cover art


Planet 12

Nemexia 5.0 – Supremacy (2014)

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Introduced the Galaxy Arena, mighty place for cross-universe battles.


Planet 52

Nemexia 4.0 – Redemption (2013)

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Introduced blueprints for two new Commander ships and crafting for Admiral equipment.


Planet 23

Nemexia 3.0 – Apocalypse (2012)

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Introduced new alien threat – Renegades, new breed of defense units and improved battle system.


Planet 35

Nemexia 2.0 – Evolution (2011)

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Introduced new commanding unit – Admiral, Commander Ships and fully improved game interface.



Nemexia 1.0 (2009)

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Nemexia is a free to play browser based game and was released in September 2009, initially only in Bulgaria. It was developed and released by the Bulgarian company XS Software By the end of the same year the game have been released in 13 different countries with over 120,000 registered players.