Incuvation Games is home to a newly established video game incubator for independent game developers. Here indie game developers can apply to the program, and if accepted, enjoy the benefits of having Incuvation Games as a partner in both development and publishing.

Who is this incubator for?
– New, experienced, and even aspiring game developers
– Small teams of 1 to 5 game developers preferred, although larger teams will be considered
– Game may be finished, still in development, or have just a prototype
– Located anywhere in the world, must be fluent in English
– Have the sole ownership and rights over their game
– Must be at least 18 years of age
– Anyone really

What are the benefits of the incubator?
– Office space in Los Angeles county, Mailing address for remote teams
– Investment of up to $5,000 cash, although not always and could be higher
– Access to experienced management from AAA game producers
– We provide you with a custom website, forums, and socia media presence
– Free pre-release, and launch marketing services, plus press releases
– Game management covered, we provide a Gamemaster/Community manager
– Help with securing a publisher (if you want one)
– Access to games portal, media, and affiliate contacts
– Analytics! We do your KPIs and give you insights on your key metrics
– We handle your game key distribution and promotions

– More! Depends what you need.

What is the difference between this incubator and a publisher?
– Your game does not need to be completed
– You retain all intellectual property rights unless the game fails
– You retain creative freedom for the most part
– We work with small teams, and even solo developers
– Flexible arrangements; we are partners not your boss
– We work with talented people who may not be experienced in the A to AAA development process

What does the incubator get from the developers?
– A negotiated revenue share and profit split if game generates positive revenue commercially
– Rights to some, most, or all of your game assets if game does not break even commercially
– Rights to at least partial licensing if game does not break even commercially
– Rights to localization in some markets which is negotiable
– Credit as a partner in both development and publishing
– A seat as a board member if you incorporate or have a company, this varies
– All the above is negotiable

In a nutshell, we want to help you get your game out there. Publishers typically only take the best finished games and take a cut in exchange for distributing the game. Our incubator covers a wider range of developer needs than that. What we ask in exchange is similar to what a bank asks when it needs collateral on a loan. We are a small and new incubator willing to work with small and new developers. We don’t have millions of dollars to back you, but we do have a team of dedicated and experienced game professionals with a decent amount of resources to help you along with the way.

How many games do we accept? We have no predetermined amount yet, this is our first time exploring the games incubator model.

Is there a deadline or due date for applications? No, we take games all year round.

What games and companies has your management team worked with in a management or executive capacity? THQ, Activision, K2 Network, Relic Entertainment. Call of Duty series, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon TCG, Company of Heroes series, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Family Guy, and more. See our TEAM page for details.

Are there any other limitations? We can only work with online or browser games, PC games, and mobile games at this time. We do not work with console games yet.

Will your business model change? Maybe. It just depends on what you need. We change what we offer and how we work based on demand. We’re very non-corporate.

Now accepting invitations for our first classes.

To apply, email an introduction of your team, your game, your portfolio if you have one to:

Publisher of the Hit Strategy Game Series Nemexia